Student services and support programs


Guidance officer

A Guidance officer visits our school throughout the year. This officer assesses the children who are experiencing educational difficulties, and/or problems of emotional or behavioural adjustment.

The Guidance officer meets with teaching staff and arranges appointments with parents if necessary. Parents will be informed if their child is referred to the Guidance officer.

If you require assistance or further information, please contact the Year level line manager.

School chaplain

Our school community, with assistance of the Australian Government, provides a Chaplaincy service to our community. The Chaplain is at our school three days each week and is available to provide support to all members of our school community, children, parents and staff.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you believe you or your child require a referral to our Chaplaincy service. You will be required to sign a participation form (PDF, 107 KB) for any ongoing Chaplaincy support. Please see the Year level line manager for any questions or concerns.

Our Chaplain’s regular days at the school are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Care of students, family and staff is our Chaplain’s key focus within the school. 

Our Chaplain takes part in many of the general activities that occur in the life of the school as support to staff and students.

These activities include

  • Participation in school camps, excursions, sports days, graduation and other important celebrations, assemblies, school committees, staff activities.
  • Facilitates and promotes social and emotional learning through targeted school programs.
  • Provides information for parents through the Brassall Buzz.
  • Participates in School Leadership Programs and student council activities.
  • Networks with local support agencies and organisations to provide a broad range of support services to the school community.
  • Activities do not include spiritual or religious content, unless this is requested by parents/caregivers.

Indigenous education worker

Our Indigenous education worker works with the whole school community, as well as liaising regularly with students and families who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. She supports students within classroom and recreational contexts.

Defence School Transition Aid (DSTA)

At Brassall State School, our Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA) Mrs Jenny Dawes is always happy to meet and welcome Australian Defence Force families to our school.

The DSTA provides support to Australian Defence Force (ADF) children and their families, particularly during transition into and out of our school and during parental absence due to deployment, exercises and training. 

The role of a DSTA includes:

  • Contributing to the development of a supportive educational environment for ADF children.
  • Assisting ADF children whilst a parent is absent on deployment through a range of activities to help the children stay connected with their deployed parent.
  • Providing a communication link between ADF families, school staff and the school community.
  • Monitoring ADF children’s personal issues such as friendship, peer groups and classroom difficulties.
  • Organize lunchtime activities such as games, colouring in, puzzles and craft activities for ADF children and their friends.
  • Assisting ADF parents and children to become familiar with the school and its facilities.
  • Provide opportunities for ADF families to meet other ADF families within our school community.

Our DSTA can be contacted on (07) 3813 4333 or email:

Breakfast club

YMCA schools’ Breakfast Program provides a nutritious breakfast for students, to improve academic, social and behavioural outcomes for students and the wider community.

The Breakfast club is able to operate due to donations collected and delivered to our school by the YMCA. The program runs successfully thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers which includes school staff, parents and community members.

The Breakfast club operates out of the Year 6 and 7 eating areas on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8 am. All welcome.

Last reviewed 15 April 2020
Last updated 15 April 2020